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SpiceFest Event Marketing Pre & Post Production

SpiceFest Event Marketing Pre & Post Production

HELLO AiiMS Group,

& Its, a Wrap #spiecefest was an amazing event with some amazing footage that can be showcased to anyone in the future that wants ideas or how to tackle an event with 3 weeks notice that SOLD out in 3 weeks.
I cannot stress that FOIA association are absolutely wrapped that 3 weeks before the event there was NO event.
In its truest form this is a REAL example of what amazing marketing & amazing distribution can equate to when we are given the opportunity to take something to the next level.
A attendance card of 9,550 people estimated
Here is how we done it.

A creative scope understanding the narrative of the event.

We got creative with the style & cultural scope our thought process,
Food backed by cultural theme.
Dance backed by the best in Sydney for stage performance
Music that hits the spot.
Imagery that is 100% relatable
Our choice of distribution,

High End Landing Page


Instagram Organic:

Facebook Organic :

Facebook Ads WOW take a look at this.....
Google Performance Max

Fliers & Banners,
Local distribution & Local Awareness
EPOCH Times - Chinese Community Awareness
Social Ads Reporting, 
 spicefest facebook ads

spicefest social ads summary

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